Sunday, March 15, 2015

20 Random Things About Me

Read about this thing on Instagram, and i think it will be fun to make my own lists.. So below is a few random things about me : 

  1. I'm a 25 years old GIRL.. The reason why i put this as my number 1 is because I still received emails or comments, calling me Mas or Bro.. lol
  2. I named my blog Natinbali because I have an email with the same name years ago.. My dad was the one who made the email and came up with this natinbali thing.. At first, I didn't really like it, but when I made this blog for the very first time, I remember this natinbali and thought that it would be perfect for my blog..
  3. I have 2 university degrees.. I got my Finance Management degree from Universitas Udayana in 2010 and got my Taxation diploma from Universitas Terbuka in 2013. I have to explain this to my friends several times because they kept thinking that I got my diploma first before the management degree..
  4. I love Jesus Christ, my Mami & Papi, and also my little sister.. They're simply my everything..
  5. I love traveling.. I love visiting & discovering new places.. My perfect holiday is a mix between nature, culinary, and shopping..
  6. I love animals and my favorites are dogs & monkeys..
  7. I like lists, planning, itineraries, numbers, and foreign languages..
  8. I love people and I'm an easy-going person, but sometimes I'm a natural introvert, I need quiet and alone time..
  9. Favorite city in Indonesia : Malang - Favorite city in Asia : Singapore - Favorite city in the world : London
  10. One of the ultimate goal in my life is working and living abroad..
  11. I have a big thing for a smart, cool, and mature guy.. Physically, he has to be taller than me and I always love a man with deep set eyes.. 
  12. Favorite food : American, Italian, and Chinese
  13. Favorite drink : anything with ice, mints and lemon / lime
  14. Favorite color : black, brown, purple, and green
  15. I forgot how it feels to have a black hair, because I've been coloring my hair since high school..
  16. I wear contact lenses everyday, and the color is always grey..
  17. I'm a big fan of chick-flick and romance movies.. I can watch a film over and over again, that's why I prefer buying the dvd instead of watching it on cinemas..
  18. I'm such a make up junkie.. I never leave the house without wearing eyeliners and eyebrow pencil..
  19. I could be your nicest friend or your worst enemy..
  20. I cry easily when I watched movies, reading novels, and watching others crying..
  21. I'm longwinded, which is why there's number 21 and I still need more numbers to complete the lists.. lol

Actually there are much more to know about me, but I guessed 20 is enough for now.. See you on another posts.. Cheers..  ~Nat

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